Clarity of Roles

Employing a Project Manager means that the architect is free to design, the builder free to build, and you are free to focus on the decisions that matter most to you (like choosing your kitchen)! A project Manager will oversee the whole process and ensure that all the moving parts are fully coordinated, mitigating programme and cost overruns.

Value for Money

A good project manager will be looking to ensure that you get the best possible design and at the best possible value. From managing a competitive tender with a detailed pricing document, through to negotiating any additional costs with the contractor, a Project Manager will be looking to get you the best value throughout your project.

Stick to Timeline

Many projects overrun their original programme and this can happen for a multitude of reasons. Employing a Project Manager will mean that the progress of the works is closely monitored, so should the project start to slip remedial measures can be put in place to mitigate the overrun. Also, a Project Manager will coordinate the logistics of Client Supplied items ensuring that they are on site at the right time.

Changes managed correctly

Changes occur on the majority of projects, it is how these are managed that can impact the success of a project. A Project Manager will challenge the contractor to ensure that you only pay for what is a genuine change or requirement, and that you pay a reasonable cost for the change.

Trade discounts

Employing a Project Manager will mean that you have access to trade discounts, helping you to control the costs of your client-supplied items. You will also have access to a wealth of contacts for materials and finishes, but also consultants required to successfully deliver your project. Leveraging a Project Manager’s contacts means that you will get the best service and value.

Quality of Work

Finally, employing a Project Manager means that the quality of the work will be monitored throughout the build. This will pick up any defects when (and if) they happen, reducing the chance of having to re-do any significant items of work.

Run Projects buck the industry trend, providing a fixed fee proposal rather than charging a % of the build cost. We believe this is the best and most transparent way to offer our clients value for money